Target Population Structure

Percentage of industries in which the website visitors belong:

Judging from this diagram, has a large number of visitors covering almost all the industries. The IT enterprises, RFID enterprises and manufacturers account for 41%, which accords with the results of the investigation on the participation and attention on the RFID field for the same period. It fully reflects the authority of as a highly centralized technology media platform. Meanwhile, it also indicates that the website itself is universally acknowledged among the masses. The large numbers of professional visitors in different industries enable to enjoy more advantages as authoritative mainstream media in the RFID field.

Percentage of the scales of enterprises or organizations in which the website visitors belong:

A majority of visitors of are in large- or medium-sized enterprises, including the internationally famous RFID enterprises and other related companies in the industry. These professionals and their powerful company background bring a strong information stream and enterprise resources into

Percentage of occupations of the website visitors:

CXOs/VPs/Presidents account for 20%, technology managers 19%, supply chain managers and other managers 25%. The manager-above visitors take up a large part by 64%. It soundly indicates that a majority of visitors are managers of RFID technology in large enterprises or enterprise leaders, whose decision-making positions and professional knowledge further strengthen the authority and prestige of RFID China Forum in the field.
Access Data

Visitor Group:
Daily Average PV: 200,000
Daily Independent Visitors: 50,000

Registered Users:
To date, the registered users of has exceeded 30,000.