Service System

After years of development, has formed a multi-dimensional Internet service system integrating the news and information, BBS and suply-demand platform, and professional value-added services to cater for the demands for the industrial chain.

News and Information: has cultivated the capability of comprehensive information collection and service from news, product, technology to application circled around the industrial chain. It daily gathers more than a hundred of different messages, which not only provides the latest, rapidest and most abundant industrial information for professionals, but also presents a valuable professional promotion platform for vendors to publicize themselves and elevates their brand influence.

Interaction and Communication: has launched a series of professional interactive services oriented towards the RFID people, including: professional technology BBS, supply and demand communication platform, professional technology software, document download, and other online interactive contents. At present, has become one of the most popular professional forums in the industry. In addition, it also organized a variety of offline salons, forums and summits on RFID. In this way, a three-dimensional professional interactive service system has be established with the online-offline combination.

Professional Value-added Services:

Circled around the professional services for the industrial chain, also provides industrial report, product case and other strongly professional value-added services. It is aimed to take advantage of these value-added services to enhance the loyalty of industrial users.